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Pamela K. Geldart DIRECTLY PLAGIARIZED (including a misspelled word) to create her latest of seven online ventures, this one called the “Regional Florida Lighting” (

Her blatant copyright infringement comes at the expense of ( a Calgary, Canada company, called “Evergreen LED” . This copyright infringement, appeared the same day (Sept. 1, 2014) that she shutdown her “J.S.

Geldart, CPA” ( business. Operating “The Art Agency”, “Medical Supplies Reseller”, “Smilemakers”, among others, each publicly listed at 269 Perfect Drive, Daytona Beach, FL, her CPA website was shut down following the State of Florida’s 4 month investigation into “UNLICENSED CPA ACTIVITY”.

Reason of review: Scam.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Stolen content from evergreen led.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #914828

The owner (Pam Geldart) of this "Regional Florida Lighting" website (all plagiarized content set in a $58 dollar template, with $5 purchased images) did also operated as a CPA (unlicensed, investigated by Florida authorities and shut down September 1, 2014), and other stuff. She's even premeditated and has accused more than one man of false rape!

In light of the recent UVA "Jackie" scandal...

wow... Google "UVA rape scandal" and her name 'Pam Geldart" and check this out:

to Blanche Tampa, Florida, United States #937019


She has operated seven "businesses" (shells) in five years. Google her name " Pam Geldart " or " Pamela Geldart " AND " Perfect Drive " (what appears to be both a home location and business location, AND any of the following " Art Agency ", " Geldart Tax and Accounting ", " Medical Supplies Reseller ", " Medical Supplies Wholesaler ", " J.S.

Geldart Tax " (shut down Sept. 1, 2014 following the state of Florida's investigation into her unlicensed CPA activity, the now defunct: ), " Pam Geldart, CPA ", " Regional Florida Lighting " ( ), and now " W.F. Harris Representative ". Additional business and relationship ties to the "suicide" of Ronald S.

Blum (deceased August 12, 2014), John Korchinsky (deceased, mugshot for Domestic Battery), James Geldart (ex-husband, mugshot for Domestic Battery), Robert " Rob " or " Bob " Arcuri and his incarcerated wife " Jody Arcuri " (both, each have multiple mugshots with Domestic Battery, Assault, Probation Violations, DUI's (multiple), Crack and Drug Paraphernalia, AND Homicide, and her relationship (romantic and business protection" with Commissioner Robert " Rob " Gilliland (mugshot for Assault) and his ex-wife " Cindy Gilliland " ( mugshot for Homicide / Murder with a Steak Knife to a man's chest ). " Pam Geldart " aka " Pamela Bergendal Geldart " sometimes " Pamela Kerstin " or " Pamela Kirsten " and " Pamela Kerstin Geldart " and " Pamela Bergendal ", also uses the alias " Stacy Merrick ", " Lindy White " and "Spunker 999 " on dating websites and on Facebook and Linked In was caught with Identity Fraud and as an imposter, posing as " BartonJames Christner " and " Barton Christner " on three occasions. It has been proposed and remains very likely and is suspected she operates as a high priced "escort" to the Regional and North Florida for and working with local authorities, (she posts online, to often travel to these destinations, and claims she is performing for each and any of these seven personally owned companies - all appear to be temporary and ever-changing websites to mask something else - illicit trade in medical supplies and prostitution?). An unbelievable two dozen " boyfriends " (suspected by her ex-husband face false accusations of rape, assault, sexual violence, etc., if they cross or upset her.

) There does exist a preponderance of legal documents and evidence online, if willing to look for it. Nearly 5000+ views at this video website ( ) speaks for itself. Important to note that her shell web and Word Press online sites are built for her by her " boyfriends " Christner, John Korchinsky, Robert Arcuri, Jim Geldart, Ron S. Blum, and more recently Steve Chard at " Y.W.P.D.

Internet Authority " ). So far all of them except Steve Chard, appear to have Domestic Violence and/or far worse mugshots (multiple mugshots for most, and of these THREE are dead within the last couple years under very suspicious circumstances).

She appears to be somewhat of a " black widow ". Good luck!

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